Research & Consultancy


Our research are in the area of Social Responsibility, Social Entrepreneurship (community entrepreneurship), Third sector Organizations (TSOs) and small-medium enterprises (SMEs). Most of our research project are conducted in partnership with other institutions as we believe in the importance and merits of collaborative and cooperative work.

Training and Provision

We Deliver high quality training within our area of specialization. Our Training is designed to meet the corporations’ or organization needs for education about Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship (Community Entrepreneurship).


We Provide High Quality of Consultation service in area of social responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship (Community Entrepreneurship)

  1. Conducting and Designing “Community Development Programs”
  2. Conducting “Social Investigation, Social Engineering, Issues Mapping, and Needs Assessment”
  3. Conducting “Stakeholder mapping and analysis”
  4. Designing “CSR programs/projects”
  5. Formulating “CSR Manual”
  6. Formulating “Sustainability Roadmap”
  7. Formulating “Manual for Stakeholder Management and Engagement”
  8. Assisting companies to implement CSR projects/programs.
  9. Mentoring and coaching for CSR beneficiaries in the area of: Entrepreneurship; community development, developing community organisation; capacity building, etc.
  10. Measuring impact on your sustainability projects/programs.
  11. Sustainability/ESG Clinic.

Our Services

We are capable to provide end-to-end services to our customers, starting from due diligence / social mapping, design manual and CSR & Sustainability policy, optimization CSR Implementation until reporting.

  1. Due Diligence or Social Mapping, Issues Mapping and Needs Assessment
  2. Stakeholder Mapping and Analysis
  3. Community Development
  4. “Formulate” Manual for CSR Implementation
  5. Training & Mentoring
  6. Creating Share Value (CSV) Training Program
  7. Document Stakeholder Engagement Program
  8. Lifecycle Assessment for PROPER
  9. Company Assistance for PROPER Achievement

We have a team consists of professionals in CSR and Sustainability with qualifications in Project Management, Risk Management, and Diploma of Consultancy, all certified from Australia. We created excellent tools and methods to make CSR impactful and create Business Benefit.

Our Tools

We own and created tools to support our services, such as :

  1. Stakeholder diffusion tools for social mapping
  2. Sustainability tree tools for design CSR Towards Sustainability
  3. CSR Life-Cycle Radyati-Simmonds tools for Holistic CSR
  4. Radyati - Simmonds stakeholder Management
  5. Radyati - Simmonds sustainable strategic capacity building
  6. Social Return on Investment (SROI) for CSR Impact Evaluation Return on CSR investment,etc.